Saturday, January 5, 2013

Is "green" a religion?

The other day I heard that Jacques Parizeau, the eminence gris of the Parti Québecois, claimed that the refusal of the current PQ government to allow fracking in the Saint Lawrence river valley was evidence that the green movement has become a religion.

Now, this may well be an old story, or even a nonexistent one.  The Québec government of Jean Charest introduced a moratorium on fracking last April, a moratorium that Pauline Marois' PQ government recently affirmed -- quite possibly at our cost in the ROC, since a US company is now suing us under NAFTA, another reason to rue the formulation of our international treaty obligations, and to reject the China FIPPA.  I suspect that Jacques' remark was with respect to this latter action, sometime late last year.  But can I find a web reference to it?  No way at all!  So I wonder what I heard.

I was going to elaborate on what I thought I had heard in a blog on why the green movement is NOT a religion.  There are many web references to the idea that the green movement may be considered a religion, or not, including a wiki item, but none linking Parizeau to the fracking moratorium in Quebec.

I could of course launch into a diatribe on why fracking in Quebec is bad (though there are many other constructive sites on that topic, that mine on that alone would not add much)  Or on why the green movement is not a religion, including a discussion on what is a religion of course -- have to define one's terms first.

But I feel cheated by not finding confirmation of what my own ears heard, such that I will defer those other rants (though I prefer, well thought out essays).

Until someone can point out to me the reference I have missed.  Anyone?  Your comments are welcome!